Hello my lovelies!

Recently, I played with my hair, a lot. It’s naturally dark, dark brown, close to black and I guess I wanted total makeover because I went blonde. You and me both know that I used bleaching powder, it couldn’t be possible for me to go blonde in one day otherwise. I found THIS website where you can see how you can bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide.



My hair was done by my friend’s mom. She was blonde for many years, so I asked her to dye my hair. It took us like 3 hours or more. We had our doubts, because my hair is almost black , but you could see me becoming lighter within a minute. Honestly, I was yellow afterwards and you can see it on this photo.  

Only after a week or two, I dyed my hair with Still hair color which looks like THISThe shade is called “Super ashy blonde”. And you can see the results bellow. I was so happy, it was like dream come true. 


Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. The problem is that the ashy color was washed after third wash, approximately. I was yellow, again. I wished I used THIS bleaching powder, because of it’s anti-yellow effect. I wasn’t informed on time and I didn’t want to torture my hair even more.  



I decided to go back to being a brunette. I used Aura hair color in shade “Chocolate”. I bought it even before I had the idea of going blonde. That’s when my hair became red. It was logic, but somehow I totally forgot that something like that could happen. I was in shock, especially because my hair looks awful when it’s dried with hair dryer. Immediately, I straightened  her with hair straightener and I adored it. I even used filters so the color could look more vivid.  



Orange? Why not! I liked this hair color, too. It was the result of water + shampoo & not maintaining my hair color. 



If you want to see more of my hair color makeovers, go visit my blog www.queenBsdiary.com

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