What was the last nerve-wracking yet exciting decision you made? Well, mine was just the other day when I decided to transition to my natural hair. If you missed it, not to worry, I have it available here for your reading pleasure. In that post, I explained how I came by my decision and for this one, I would like to tell you about my plan for the process.


After all the research, one thing I was told over and over again was to make a game plan. Now, no one needed to tell me this because I am all about game plans, checklists, etc. Anything to do with organization and structure, count me in! Remember how Monica on the TV show Friends loved to organize and plan things? Well, that’s me, without the excited high-pitched voice though. 😊


Anyone who has been through this process knows that there is a wealth of information out there about transitioning. Whether it is a website like naturallycurly.com, YouTube videos from influencers like Aisha Beau-Johnson, or advice from friends who’ve done it, you are guaranteed to find something and someone to help you through this. Whether you decide to do the big chop early and rock a TWA (teeny weeny afro) or transition for a few months to a year (or two like some persons), you are not alone, there is someone out there who has been there or is there right now that can help you.  Having checked out the plethora of information out there, here are some of the things I have learned and what I will do for my own transition.

  • NO braids or wigs. I’ve never liked wigs and extensions and I don’t want to do braids. I want to be able to see my hair every day and get excited about the growth and transition. I want to be able to touch it, play with it and learn how to handle my hair as it grows, and I believe these types of protective styles will hinder that. So, I invested in stylish headbands, scarfs, and rubber bands so I can rock hairstyles using these accessories.
  • NO monthly length checks. I will definitely peek at my new growth, especially during wash days, but I will not actually measure the growth. I believe that length checking will lead you to compare your growth with others you see on YouTube or in the articles you read. As we all have different hair, genes, etc., the rate of growth is different for us all. So, we should all follow our own path and rejoice in every step without the pressure to measure the length and compare it with others.
  • NO heat except when deep conditioning (or try not to 😊). I was never one to flat iron or curl my hair daily so this is not a huge deal for me, but there may be occasions where a little flat or curling iron may be called for. I will do my best to rock my headbands and scarfs to prevent this and only use heat when absolutely necessary, like using my blow dryer for heat when deep conditioning.
  • Use my current products. Some persons advise you to use new products made specifically for natural hair, but I was already using sulfate-free, paraben-free, etc. products and they work well with my hair, relaxed and natural, so I will not be changing them. I use a combination of Maui Moisture and Garnier Fructis hair products for washing, conditioning, and styling. When these are finished, I will experiment with some of the brands that I have checked out and like such as TGIN, Eden Bodyworks, SheaMoisture, Mielle Organics, and The Mane Choice. For my scalp, I usually use castor oil and coconut oil with Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Lemon essential oils added. I will continue my scalp treatment because it is already in line with what I have read.
  • Naturally, I will be following the other advice given such as co-washing and deep conditioning weekly, shampooing once a month and doing a hot oil treatment occasionally. I am well equipped with the relevant combs, brushes, silk/satin scarves, bonnets, various curling rods, etc. to ensure that I am armed to the teeth for this process. I want to make sure I can handle everything that comes my way. Oh, I almost forgot! No “transitioner” is complete without a store to get all her hair and beauty needs. For me, this is Cloré Beauty Supply. Because of them, I am ready for my next six months of transitioning.

The process of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is a personal one that is unique to each person. My last relaxer was July 25, 2019, and I am hoping to do my big chop on (or around) June 25, 2020. Some persons transition for six months and would have done their big chop already, while others transition for a longer time. The length of time you choose to transition and what you do during transition is your choice. What is important is that you do it to please you and your hair, no one else. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with unless your hair tells/ shows you that it is not working 😊

Are you in the process of transitioning or have you done the big chop? Tell us about your experience, what you did, what worked and what didn’t work. I will definitely be giving updates as I go along and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. So, don’t be shy, share some of your experiences with us too.

Stay tuned for the updates!

Published by Krishta-Gay Lewis-Harewood