Sotd: where you are - Sammy Adams. It's sick but it must be weird trying to sing like that. So I decided to start listening to redbeard again because maybe it's a perennial thing where I need the big ginger beard to instruct me about what to do. My posts last year were just full of esoteric stuff, the idea of living in abundance in everything you do and all that new age things, but it worked I suppose. I laughed more and did more and that was just incredible. There wasn't any of this "do it bitch" mentality that I used to (and have just started garnering again) have. It just flowed out, I ate what I was meant to ate, took time for everything and did what I was meant to do. Sitting where I am I can't really believe it actually happened just because it takes so much effort right now to do it. When you're winning it's easy to win more, you have that momentum behind you. It's easier to make good choices. So what do I need to do? I'm loathe to say I've slipped backwards, I'm falling into deep work easier than ever and I'm more self aware. I think it's just getting everything else in gear. I reckon it will slip in fine once school starts again and I lose hours that I once have and I'm forced to trim off the excess. Well it better because I really hope I don't end up spending my few free hours in the day watching the blacklist.

Published by Kevin Li