This was the turning point in my life where I started to think about all of the half marathons I had ran and the fact that I had ran in a few different states.  I had heard about other people running a marathon in all 50 states, and I knew about people who run a half marathon in half of the states, but that just didn't seem right to me.  Why only run half of the states?  I thought maybe I could run a half marathon in all 50 states.  I was planning a work trip to Colorado and wanted to extend my trip out another week and go to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona for a vacation afterwards.  While I was planning all of this, I saw there was a half marathon in Phoenix so I signed up and came up with a plan.  I was to fly to Colorado for a week then from there to Phoenix, where my husband would meet me and we'd spend a week in Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  Everything was all set.  Then I found out I was pregnant.  Oh boy.  What to do?  I asked my doctor and she said since I had a strong running base to go ahead and run the half marathon but to listen to my body and not go out for any PR's but go easy.  I would only be a few weeks pregnant at the race and there were no complications in my pregnancy so she said everything should be fine.  I had been having morning sickness all along my pregnancy and the day of the race, I felt queasy as usual but nothing I couldn't control.  After some crackers and ginger ale, I was good to go.  All of the runners for the race were bussed out to a park surrounded by cacti.  Even though it was pretty cold waiting for the sun to come up, it was beautiful and even a bit surreal for someone like me from the east coast who had never been to Arizona before.  The course was pretty flat and since we started so early, it didn't get too hot.  I made sure I never got out of breath and went slower than if I hadn't been pregnant but I felt really good during the whole race.

From my post-race notes:

"Got to watch sun rise while waiting in beautiful park surrounded by cacti.  Was pregnant for this race.  Course was mostly flat with one or two hills, one very long one.  Finish on outdoor track.  My finish time was 2:06:50."

From what I can tell, the last year for this race was 2010, so I can't add a link to the race site.

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