The door has already been opened. Yet only to close, as I walk in my journey trying to step closer to where I thought I was always meant to be. My walk gets weak… my vision I can no longer seek. To be strong in faith and walk firm in purpose when all windows are clouded with doubt, fear and a bunch of “what if’s”; As if I second guessed myself even when it was confirmed. Gliding through the air of reality knowing your wigs were provided by the creator and your path was designed by the founder himself. This should equip you to think that what will, will; and what won’t, never will. In the middle is where most of us fall short. Fogginess corrupting our faith meter. As we walk helpless and hopelessly wishing and praying everything we believe in will come to pass. Right before we enter the closed yet welcoming door that resides ahead of us, He; the king commands it open. Not where we can hear it, yet only see it done. Saving us even when we felt there was no life guard in site. He always has the end planed, and the beginning open to our choosing; it’s the middle that continues to test whether your faith is strong enough to endure trails, with no understanding of what will, what was and what has to be done. Just knowing, regardless of where you glide in this lifetime, the creator will always have his hands over you. Trust that he will never leave nor forsake you!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews