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Halloween isn’t your average holiday for many reasons. Yes, other holidays involve eating candy and getting together with your friends and family, but this is the one day of the year you can literally be whoever or whatever you want to be. Not only that, but you get to watch people go all out and enjoy the bewildering creativity that many of us have. Whether you are young, old, male, female, religious, atheist, or whatever, everyone can enjoy a certain aspect of this spooky holiday. I always look at Halloween with fond memories. Whether it’s the giant variety packs of candy you buy at the grocery store, the seasonal release of Count Chocula cereal, or coming up with a new costume idea, I am a total fan girl over this fall holiday.


Checkpoint #1: The Costumes

I will normally plan out my costume months in advance. No other holiday lets you go all out in dressing up. Ever since I’ve been in my current relationship, I have been obsessed with the idea of couple’s costumes. Luckily I have a boyfriend that goes with the flow on Halloween (God bless his soul). We’ve gone as a pharaoh & Cleopatra, Kim & Kanye, and even as Bill Cosby and a box of Jello pudding mix. Even though I probably spent too much money on poorly made wigs, fluorescent makeup and ridiculous outfits, I always felt like it was worth it. One Halloween I decided to be Britney Spears from her “I’m a Slave 4 U” Video Music Awards performance. I literally went to three different toy stores just to find the right stuffed animal snake to wrap around my neck. Simply put, I’m dedicated to the art of the costume.


Checkpoint #2: The Events Leading Up to Halloween Night

Just like Christmas, there are usually mini-annual events that many people enjoy leading up to the actual holiday itself. I love baking cute Halloween-themed goods, carving pumpkins, and going through “haunted” mazes with my friends. Something about getting into the holiday spirit makes me feel like a kid again. Silly little events like these can break up the serious monotony of every-day life. Out here in San Diego, we don’t really have seasons since out weather is pretty similar all year long. It’s nice to have little things to remind us of the fall even when it feels like one long summer.


Checkpoint #3: The Decorations

Halloween decorations are the best, except for those realistic looking giant spiders that hang from the ceiling. When I was a kid, I always admired the families that would convert their houses into spooky mazes for one night of the year. They literally spent money just to bring joy to the entire neighborhood. How awesome is that?!? I hope that one day, I will be a little old lady handing out delicious Halloween candy (not the generic cheap kind) next to an animatronic Frankenstein.


Checkpoint #4: The Food, Drinks & Candy

The one great thing about every holiday, not just Halloween, are the awesome recipes and candy! Not only are these things festive and cute, but they’re usually delicious too! One year I made monster cupcakes and it was a blast! I’ve also seen spooky cocktails that are made with cranberry juice and licorice to look like blood. Even though I warn people against Pinterest when it comes to dieting, for things like this let Pinterest be your best friend! Not only will you get crazy amounts of inspiration, you can post your own Halloween ideas to inspire others!


This Halloween, I encourage you to tap into your creativity and see what can happen. Not only will you have a blast doing it, but you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime.


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