I wanna talk about the greatest night of the year (besides Thanksgiving and Christmas) that allow us to indulge in vast conditions of candies like brittle, candy corn, brownies and cakes as well as put on a costume to become someone else for a day. We get to relish in films that are made to mentally break us down and rip out our psyche in order to feed it to us and show us what we look like when we curl up into the fetal position and whither like a terrified prune. Heehee i ADORE a good scare and I would love to share some personal recommendations with you all!

If you are the bravest of the bunch then i highly suggest some of these new age films or short films like those from the Black Mirror:

This series by Charlie Brooker has opened minds to the idea of having social media become the source of series horror, which i feel....kind of is. Check it out. There are three seasons of short films that will have you digusted, in tears and even laughing here and there before making you feel utterly helpless and kind of scared.

Next up! There is Hush, a story of a best selling author who lives in the woods and is handicapped in the sense that she is both deaf and mute due to a disease she had contracted at an early age. Needless to say the story is a perfect setup to a survival horror film that is more than worth the watch and the trauma... haha

Then there's the classics and one of my personal favorites is 13 ghosts... it has a family, ghosts and a conflict that makes you want to rewind the movie and ask....wait what? This film has shaped my fear time and time again and made me question whether or not these ritualistic spirits actually exist...so it's good to give it a try:

Or scare yourself with a little FOREIGN supernatural horror...and never fall asleep again!! MUAHAHAAA

The Woman with the Sliced Mouth is a crazy and amazing film to watch close to the Halloween season...and you won't be disappointed:

For those who don't want a very scary halloween i definitely recommend binging on the Halloweentown movies... because i ADORE Marnie's grandma and we can never forget Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus!! Because it's just not Halloween without a little spell on you!

Enjoy your Halloween everyone! And be safe! Don't scare yourself too hard!!

Published by Priss Mena