Halsey is one of my most favorite up and coming alternative artists. I love her androgynous style, she's a lyrical genius, she is such an honest performer, and from interviews I've watched she seems like a very genuinely nice person. I had the pleasure of going to see her in concert for the first time after falling in love with her music for a little over two years now. It was so raw and beautiful. She had the best graphics I've ever witnessed at a concert; it was mind-blowing. She is on the right track to major stardom, that's for sure. 

I struggled trying to find the "right" Halsey outfit. I knew soooo many girls would be wearing the same basic outfits (no shade there, concert girls just usually always wear the same thing) so I wanted to stand out just in case I ran into her and she was like, "oh, cute outfit." HIGHLY unlikely but still, a girl can dream. So, one day I was in Urban Outfitters and this dress was calling my name.







Outfit Details ——

Dress- Urban Outfitters 

Shoes- Plato’s Closet (they were brown combat boots)

Jewelry- Varies but I got the choker from Forever 21


I unfortunately didn't get to meet Halsey but if I had, I definitely think she would have complimented my floral design lol. I cant wait to wear this dress more and dress it up for winter. ;D

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"I wear my personality on my sleeve, for sure, and my look is constantly changing because so am I." -Halsey

<3 Brooke Paige

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