I have been attempting to learn photography. I may not be very good at it, but I find it worth the challenge. It forces me out of my box where I have made sure to hide any creativity over the last several years. Maybe that is because I was not every very creative to begin with, but this is definitely worth discovering. To help with my photography I have joined some groups that have weekly challenges. I usually do not participate but I decided that I had what was needed for the "candy" challenge.

To do this photography challenge I had a very wonderful helper. My daughter. She loved the whole idea of being able to play with and eat the candy I was trying so hard to photograph. When I first set it up I tried hard to keep her at bay. With candy around that is impossible. Why would any child not reach for candy? So, I embraced her attempts at eating the candy and took advantage of her participation.

Child participation. That is most children want to do. They want to participate. At least my children do. They do not like being alone to play by themselves. They like to be where I am. They like to do what I am doing. They thrive on being on top of me. Granted, I do not always like it, but I have to remember that they just want to participate in life with me. They want to help do the dishes, even though it makes my work take twice as long. Maybe after a day like the one I had today where my patience was made thin by the constant yelling, demands, messes, crying and clinging I need to remember what they are really trying to do. To participate in life along side me.

Published by Jenny Eddington