Most homeowners are inclined to defer home renovation projects because they are under the impression that it is frightfully expensive. However, regardless of whether you are trying to make your home a more comfortable and functional place to live in or updating it to put it on the market, you can find a lot of ways to remodel your house that does not need you to break the bank. By spending wisely, you will be able to make your house more livable, increase its aesthetic appeal, be able to enjoy it better, and boost its market value. Some practical tips on how you can renovate your home even when you are on a tight budget:

Clean Up the House

Remodeling becomes far easier when all the household stuff is placed where they belong so the first step is to identify objects and furniture that are out of place and move them to their correct locations. Just by undertaking this step, your home will not only look more organized but also reveal how much space you should ideally have after remodeling your home. The activity will also give you an opportunity to thinking about ways in how everything can be organized better so as to be more eye-pleasing and functionality to the space. You can also use this opportunity to do some spring-cleaning; junking unwanted stuff can free up the space and make your rooms appear bigger. Often by rearranging the furniture, you will find that the space has been freed up and is more functional without having spent a single dollar.  

Focus On Big Impact but Do Not Forget To Think Small

By making changes that have the biggest impact, you can usually get more bangs for your buck. Activities like the rearrangement of furniture, placement of appliances, lighting, paintwork, and flooring are usually the most noticed by both the family and visitors. Often, a fresh coat of paint is enough to make the interiors and exteriors smarter and give it a brighter look that will not fail to impress. Apart from focusing on the big impact items, you should also try to think about the small changes that can have a big effect. Simple things like changing the doors of the kitchen cabinets instead of the whole cabinet can give a fresh look to the kitchen without incurring a huge cost. Interior decorators often suggest that if your budget does not allow the interior to be repainted, you can make a splash also by only painting the trim. Changing small items like towels or rugs in the bathroom, curtains in the living room or a new bedspread can have a dramatic effect for a very low price.

Try To Borrow or Rent DIY Tools Instead Of Buying Them

When you are trying to complete your Bath Renovation Long Island on a shoestring budget, the last thing that you should be doing is buying all the tools that you require for the job. These tools are prohibitively expensive and unless you are a passionate DIY enthusiast, it is very unlikely that you would need them on a continuing basis. The best way of saving costs is to borrow them from friends or at a pinch hire them from hardware shops. By doing this, you are also spared of the trouble of finding enough space to store the tools.

Do It Yourself

If you are a good handyman and have the necessary renovation skills, you will appreciate that by doing most of the things yourself, you will be able to save a packet because engaging general contractors or even subcontractors can be quite expensive as they usually charge by the hour. At a pinch, even YouTube tutorials or demos can help you learn some really tricky stuff. Regardless of whether you are experienced in DIY jobs or not, you need to keep in mind that you should only undertake things that you are reasonably confident about otherwise the bill to repair the damage may wipe out all your savings. Also, remember that certain jobs can only be undertaken by licensed professionals, otherwise, you may end up by exposing your family to hazards that may crop up suddenly, and a long time after the project is complete.

Trade Time and Skill

If there are certain things that you are not comfortable with, you can look around for friends and relatives with the necessary skills who would be willing to help you. For example, you can ask a friend experienced in roof repair to give you a hand with the understanding that you will help him when he needs to get his plumbing attended. However, it is not necessary that you only look for people with renovation skills. Remodeling homes can be a really messy affair and you can expect your daily life to be turned upside down, so if you have an obliging friend who is willing to mind the baby or provide you with home-cooked meals do not let the opportunity pass. You can help them out when they need something.

Shop Around

Unless you are in a big hurry, it is best to take enough time so that you can shop around for buying the best items. Waiting for annual or holiday sales can yield substantial savings as also shopping around for the best prices if the sales are way later. Often buying online can save you a lot of money but you need to be careful of the quality, return policy, and warranty. Not buying the very latest models can also be a wise decision as typically these appliances sell at a premium while the previous models are available at deep discounts. Even getting comparative quotes from contractors will allow you to save substantially without compromising on the quality.


Home renovation even on a really tight budget is possible if you take care to plan and prioritize the various aspects. You need to think hard on what you actually need and then shop around for the best deals. advises that to save on interest expenses you should buy with cash as most Americans do and even if you have to take a loan, do so after comparing various offers to get the best deal.


Published by Mohsin Ahsan