I have not hand written more than say my name and address, so a few words, on a piece of paper for what seems like a decade or more.

I never had brilliant handwriting even when I was writing regularly on paper. My teachers often joked that I should become a doctor with writing that bad. Never quite got the joke, something to do with doctors scribbling prescriptions so quickly that they are often illegible.

I am not sure this will ever get published either, as I won’t be able to read it when I come to typing it up when I am repatriated with my Chromebook.

This feels so odd writing by hand now, I have lost the skill to write quickly and clearly. Also, without my now life-saving Grammarly App to correct my grammar and typos, it’s even stranger.

However, as I am writing more, it is strange how I am starting to like doing this, perhaps there’s a novelty factor.

Of course, productivity-wise, it would be almost laughable to return to handwriting everything. But in terms of pleasure and a real sense of creating something by hand and putting pen to paper, it is an art, and art has a soul and productivity does not.

We have lost a lot of soulful things in the never ending embracing of technology, efficiency and productivity.

From now on, I plan to do a bit more handwriting.

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