The purpose of this post is purely to make you enjoy your day, even for a little bit.

The definition of happiness varies depending on people’s personality and as Alicia Keys said once “Some people live for the fortune, some people live for the fame, some people live for the power…” and all of those are great examples of what generally satisfies people.
When you’re born you’re fine when warm, fed and don’t have a shitty nappy, but as you grow older you find more things that make you smile as well as more things that make you upset. The more things you find cheerful, the harder it will be for you to be fully content. You know more, you want more, you need more.
Now, humans tend to get the above thought stuck in their heads, which actually creates more bad than good.
The trick is, and pardon me if I’m stating the obvious, to find pleasure in your day to day life. Appreciate the things that make you smile even for a split second. And if you’re really struggling – compliment somebody, tell them how nice they look today or how amazing of a person they are. Happiness breeds happiness.

It is natural for our kind to always want everything, always want more but it seems as though we spend our whole lives in pursuit of whatever we think happiness is, missing out on all the good things in between.

So here’s a list of 25 reasons to be merry today, tomorrow or any other day:

1. You are breathing
2. You are loved by somebody somewhere even if you haven’t met them yet
3. Someone smiled at you today
4. You are able to read
5. It’s a sunny day somewhere
6. You were, are or will be warm and cozy
7. You’re reading this, which means you have access to the Internet, which means you can watch cat videos, cat videos are awesome
8. You have somewhere to live
9. You were born a winner (in the sperm race, but still a winner, right?)
10. You can listen to music
11. You had clean clothes to put on this morning
12. Somewhere in the world somebody wishes they had a life like yours
13. You’ve achieved at least one of your goals
14. You fell and managed to get up
15. Somebody, somewhere just created another life
16. You helped somebody
17. You know English
18. There’s plenty of fish in the sea
19. You are beautiful
20. You’ve made an improvement
21. There’s something you can do better than anyone
22. Love is real
23. And so are Northern Lights
24. You can go anywhere
25. And if all fails, remember dogs love you unconditionally.

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Published by Ronnie Scott