Earlier today, my throat chakra, the center of communication within the body, totally shut down–no voice, no communication from my personal being.  It definitely was not where I wanted to be on a day that I had planned to be a mental health day, a much needed mental health day.  I rarely am ill, so this was not pleasant.  The throat was scratchy, and there was no voice to use.  But I have learned to practice compassion especially for myself.  It is kind of like the caterpillar as it learns that it is going through something that they had not planned on; it became a butterfly.  While I am not 100% a number of hours later,  I am much better.  I am happy about that, and I am happy that I have learned the role of compassion when life takes an unmanned turn.  No more wondering what I did wrong, just accepting of what it is because it will pass, and it did

Published by Janice Marie