Ebisu on Robson is the only sushi bar/lounge of its kind. Ladies, this is a great place to gather together with your girls, especially if you are here in Vancity from out of town; you will love it! It is conveniently located, right in the heart of all of the fashionable downtown stores, which gives you an excuse to go for drinks right after you’re done shopping!

Guys, this this is a great place to bring a date, or a good spot to start out if you are looking to mingle with fun friends. The ambiance is very calm, relaxing and romantic, and the mood of this place is both mystical and intriguing.

Ebisu is the god of labour and luck. It makes sense then, that Happy Hour takes place right after all of your hard work ends, 5 pm on Booze-Day Tuesday; aren’t you lucky? You can also come back from Wednesday to Sunday; Ok, and Monday too. This is the place to come for pre-dinner drinks, and you can have as many as you want to without spending a lot of money. Complete with big screen tvs and comfy, lounge style seating that makes it easy to be in close contact with everyone you want to mingle with, it’s the perfect happy hour, social club.

Happy Hour begins nightly from 3-6pm, and the drink specials are satisfying:

Cocktails - $4.75

Beer - $4.50 pint, $12.99 pitcher

Draft - $5.50 pint, $16.99 pitcher

The fish even have their own Happy Hour (a.k.a. Appy Hour). Appy Hour for Sushi runs nightly from 3-6 as well, and on Sunday through Thursday, there’s 99 cent oysters from 9 until close.

Luxury treat specials include lobster appys, ahi tuna (ahi-mazing) and tofu cheesecake, a delicious, vegan, dessert alternative. Seriously, it’s better than the real thing.

You might even try out a Japanese tradition, Gokon. No, this is not a type of sushi, but rather a type of dating – group dating! Popularized in Japan, the group date is a new take on the blind date. It’s fun because you get to meet new people, enjoy some drinks and appys and share conversation in good company. So how does it work? You and somebody else that you may or may not be interested in, agree to meet up. You bring three friends, they bring three friends, and everyone can relax, without the pressure of having to call it an official date. Group dating is a lot like speed dating, where you get to know a bunch of people in a short amount of time, except that you are more likely to find good matches because you are connecting through friends of friends.

Group dates like these are perfect in a lounge setting like Ebisu. This place is an alluring, elegant but casual place, and the severs are also very sociable. It’s a good place to be if you want to try something different. Say hi to Deon, he’s the manager there; They’ll be glad you came.

Vancouver Lux & Leisure calls this Luxury Sushi

It's the best!

Published by Jennica B.