Brother is said to be one of the best gifts of god, which he has given to siblings. Brother is a protector of his sister and a good friend of his brother. No matter elder or smaller in age he is, brother always do care for his siblings.

Children grew up together with playing, fighting for small things and toys, and these memories are so precious for everybody and no one can compare anything with these sweet and sour memories of childhood. Childhood is one of the awesome times of every child.

If you want to give your dear brother a special gift on his birthday, then your one loving text or massage can be a huge gift for him. Your feelings are eternal but if it turns into valuable words then they become like icing on the cake.

In this article, we are going to introduce you some beautiful happy birthday wishes for your loving brother, there will be some fun, some feelings and emotions included in it, which will force your brother for a smile with some tears and lots of love and affection for you, so let’s take a closer look:-

Happy Birthday my dear bro or brother,


  • You are one of the important aspects of my life, whenever I feel any trouble or tension, I always think about you and want you to here for help me and support me.
  • Dear brother, we grew up together from childhood, we share many sweet memories with each other, and I really appreciate your love and care for me, thank you so much for everything.
  • You are so caring, supportive, loving and protective, I am little weak but you have always manage each situation, today is your birthday, I have not much words but I must say that I love you a lot bro.
  • Each day I pray for my sweet bro, that God gives you the peak of success and I wish you get all of your dreams and wishes come true. Many-Many happy returns of the day, Happy Birthday to you.
  • I consider myself the luckiest sister/brother of the world, do you know why? Because you are my brother, God decides each relation in heaven and he chose us as siblings, many thanks to God and many thanks to you as well.
  • Today is your day, and today’s day is very special for me also, you have to give me a special treat also, and that is stay always with me as a best friend and a protector.
  • Dear brother, you know one thing that sometimes I can’t share many things with my friends and even with parents, but with you I am like an open book because you have always guided me and inspired me. I wish you a very happy birthday to you.
  • B: Best\ R: Responsible\ O: out of the world\ T: tremendous\ H: handsome\ E: eager\ R: Right one for me. This is true definition of a brother and suits you very well.

Published by Edward Martin