One Dude’s Perspective

International Women’s day was first celebrated in New York on Feb. 28th 1909 and was then called International Working Women’s Day. Organized by the Socialist Party of America it was originally a political event to commemorate the 1908 strike of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union. It seems no one is really certain why it got moved to March 8th in 1914 except that the 8th fell on a Sunday that year (perhaps a more practical day for several reasons) and has since become etched in stone as the day for celebrating womanhood. In those early days, it was an opportunity for women to promote equal rights like suffrage and the right to hold political office. To protest employment discrimination and the many other forms of inequality endemic in our society at the time.  It has since become more of a way to simply express love, respect and appreciation for women although the inequality is still with us in somewhat kinder, gentler manifestations.

I’m thinking of starting a protest movement to discontinue International Women’s Day. As a dude, I think it’s lame to have a day each year to honor anyone for the gender chosen for them by a biological roll-of-the-dice! I believe we owe women much, much more than that. As far as I’m concerned, every single day of the year should be a day of love, honor, respect and gratitude for female-kind. Considering what men have put women through since time immemorial, I say it’s kind of a slap in the face to give them just the one measly day. I mean, come on….it’s not like we can’t afford to give them more of what we should be giving them every day in the first place.

If we’re so determined to have only one celebratory day for woman-kind per year, why is it such an under-celebrated and seemingly insignificant holiday? Dude’s, these are women we’re talking about! Women without whom our lives would hardly be worth living. Doesn’t that rate a holiday on the order of a Christmas or Easter at very least? The ladies don’t even get the day off from work for Gods-sake. What kind of celebration is that? They’re lucky if they even get taken out for lunch or get to go home early.

It’s an abomination I tells ya! A travesty that I for one cannot allow to stand. I’m calling for males the world over, regardless of country, religion, political leanings or even sexual orientation, to stand with me in demanding we set this anemic so-called holiday to rights. International Women’s Day should be by far our most important and celebrated holiday. Women should get the entire week off work! Us guy’s should too but only so we can wait on them hand and foot, write them poems, sing them love songs, peel them grapes or whatever their heart may desire.  Any dissenter’s out there? Don’t forget this: if you treat a woman like gold every day, put her on a pedestal and shower her with compliments, affection and thoughtful little gifts, always make her wants and needs your foremost priority, make sure she never forgets for one minute she’s the most important person in your world……do these things, and pure Heaven on earth will be your more than ample reward!

Published by Bill Hoover