Happy New Year 2018



Happy New Year my brothers and sisters! Let us be worthy of our Father's blessings and be Fruitful! Let us rise up to new heights and glorify our Lord! Let us stay on the straight and narrow path, not forgetting who we are in Christ. Let us shine the Light to lead others into the Kingdom! God bless you all! We are One!



Thank you Father for another year walking and living in Your Light! This year, may many others be led into repentance to humbly pray and seek Your Face through the knowledge of Christ! Amen!


We love You Lord and give You Honor, Glory, and Praise for who You are! To Your Power and Majesty we shout Hallelujah!


Thank you for what You have done by Your Hand! Please continue to bless my friends and family. Use me to do Your Will. Keep me on the path of Holiness and Righteousness. Use me to give hope to the poor, the needy, the sick, imprisoned, the old and the young, the hungry, and the abused. Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! Amen!


Uphold Thy Church and the Body of Christ teaching us to be on one accord under the Mind of Christ. May many be truly Born Again to receive Thy Holy Spirit. May Your unconditional love pour out from our hearts and fall upon the unloved and unwanted teaching others to love unconditionally.


May we learn to put You first in our lives, Father, and do what is pleasing in Your Sight. This is my hope and prayer for all of mankind in 2018. In the precious name of Jesus, the only way to the Father, I pray. Amen





your servant and soldier, united with the One,









Published by Mishael T