Fret not yourself because of the wicked, be not envious of wrongdoers! For they will soon fade away like the grass, and wither like the green herb.

Psalm 37: 1&2

Life isn't about being positive for the sake of being positive or even gravitating to those whom make you feel good and neither does this verse demonstrate that, but the reality of knowing what God's will for your life is in the midst and reality of craving righteousness, positivity and growth is. The disturbing amount of people whom utilize their resources for sin, for corruption, for hacking, for go fix it type of people are enormous and the it's funny because we laugh at the product and promote the disgustingness with no regard to how Christ deems your friends whoreing themselves on social media and than praising God tweet after tweet while dressing themselves up like the Sodom and Gomorrah that we know. 

Now here's the kicker at least from direct people and companies that I know utilize their freedom to push people into this realm for the sake of their educational grants and sacrifices to the world of making sure that Christ reigns through their lip services. So I guess in short just to make sure that we / I / get started off on the right track here in 2017 is these verse right above where it says do not fret because of evildoers and this is totally right and now here's the reality of what this world has sabotaged us into. Not fretting is the basically not allowing yourself to look like you are hurting so therefore suppressing the truth about what's going on in your life or the people around you so that we can all live happily for the sake of having some money and living according to the credit bureau which is more important than conversing with those within your family about Christa and goals that people may actually have.

I honestly believe within my family I am the one that's left out for the sake of not being a Catholic individual who wants to ruin the world with my intellectual BS prideful self but that's just me and the coughs I get from a "humble individual" called my father which rapes every move I make to do something right in this world therefore always having given me the opportunity to go to jail, get arrested and do drugs. No offense but I from a biblical prospective brother am not the problem, you are.

Published by SkyBox Captain