Relation between a brother and sister is very special and colourful, It is always filled with naughtiness and packs of energy.

They share anything and everything, they feel the other as equally own soul and blood that stands as an image of the other all time out of all odds either with family or society.

And this Raksha Bandhan brings light on this fact materially by tying threads of promises and symbolizes living one for the other for whole life being born as siblings.

On this great occasion, I love to express my bro how much he mean to me:

Bro..No one can replace you in my life..

You make me feel worthy enough for what I am!

We can never forget the way we troubled each other by revealing all our silly secrets to our little don Mamma.

The memory of our trifling fights leaves me with a smile.

My mind reminds our memories: When we both get on our nerves, I remember saying you don’t dare to talk to me again..

While you come up with Thumbs up pet bottle which ends the statement of mine…hahhahaha!

I can picture our moments where we pass many late nights discussing all nonsense around so deeply and seriously!

I can still figure your face when you try to fake your mood as if everything is so normal though it is alarming within.

Bro…You are so unique…so special….so pure…

Eyes that look are common but eyes that see are rare!

You are one among them, who always make some time for everyone around you.

Many say that you stay still at times where you need to act.

But I believe still waters run deep…

Likewise you tune others to right course when they cross their arena of success may be in small way but makes a great difference!

Proud of you my hero…..Very thankful to god for having you on my side as a naughty bro of mine.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Published by Pranavya Mandapati