How do you force someone into anything in this world? You lie to them or with them according to your selfish understanding. As God is a selfish God for his people to be saved and live as people of great humility and honor for eachother we see times and trends forming from areas we are engulfed in. Ultimately it's not the worst thing in the world but when there's no truth, God's word and honesty; actual truth in the relationship being formed or mended than we get the forced part of life. "Chip your way into his heart, honor her in this life, create for multiple ways to fight." Within this life according to God's word through subjection and obedience it's okay to do the rights things to succeed in life but when those lines are not blurred but yet totally ignored for a hunch, a punch in the safety and security of one's right to be free vs. the others right to oversee we get manipulation, deception, ungratefulness, positional salvation and great overseas sanctification through false ministry attempts to uplift and praise man over God. He wants us to praise and live with one another in humility, in worship in love, prosperity, grace and peace but God will not allow the righteous to be ensnared or trapped for the sake of man's kingdom. Within Sports we see great marketing, within the church we see great opportunities, within the world of media we see great potential to deceive and receive while creating greater wine, beer and friendships that don't matter for the sake of growth elsewhere. I'll meet you in heaven when or if we get there, lives need to be saved and by God we will give thanks in the day of Pentecost so help me Jesus. Life alone is worse than life with many while life with many might just cost you your soul because the many or the masses might just overwhelm your desire to seek truth. Don't let life overwhelm your dreams, seek God's word and notice your life being healed from truth, not just in your walk as time progresses but during those moments in private when the study potential is turned off and your love progression is turned up. Happy Thanksgiving we made it to Friday!

Published by SkyBox Captain