So a while ago I was watching my books and I saw the difference between all of them, not only are they different in their theme, colors or type of letter, they are so different in sizes, weights and type of cover. I wanted to see the pros and cons of the three that I noticed, so far, but I’m pretty sure this are the only type of books. Each book it beautiful in it’s own way.



Pros: hard to get damaged, a very pretty paper cover, bigger letter inside the book, maybe more content (depends on the edition), heavier but you get some arm exercise.

Cons: heavy, the paper cover gets damaged easily (it has it’s pros and cons), they are super expensive (even though sometimes they are so pretty it doesn’t matter).



Pros: lightweight, not super expensive, pretty covers, good letter size.

Cons: gets easily damaged, sometimes when there is a movie of the book the paperback is the one changed completely (*sad face*).



Pros: lightweight (more than the paperback), easy transportation in purse or suitcase, super cheap, good for traveling.

Cons: easily damaged (more than the paperback, in my experience), little letter size (super little, but they are cheap).


I’m sure that my intel is a little bit stupid and useless, but hey, I LOVE ME SOME HARDCOVER BOOKS, really, I love them so much, even though they are heavy and expensive I love how they feel in my hands.

So how do you like your books?

P.S.: If you have any recommendation of what else I can write on my blog, tell me, I would love some intel from you, especially if it is something you would like me to talk about.





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