I close my eyes and shove my fingers into my ears. My mom is yelling again, and this time I am pretty sure she is going to get rid of me. All I did was spill some milk, but it was the fact that I didn't clean it up that really got her upset. She screamed at me until her face turned red and the vein in the side of her neck bulged out. 
"I wasted money on this!" she said. "I could have gotten something else."I knew she wasn't talking about food. My mother is a drug addict and I think an alcoholic. I am not sure why she decided to buy milk instead of her drugs, but I was glad. Now I didn't have to eat my cereal dry.

"You are just as useless as your father." she bellowed from somewhere down the hall.

I counted to ten in my head, while whispering over and over, "I'm sorry."


I flinched at the sound of her throwing something. A crash followed shortly there after followed by a yelp. I took a deep breath. She would pass out soon. She always did when she went on rants like this. I am not sure why but she always passed out, even when she was sober. I blew air into my cheeks billowing them out. It was quiet.

The outside was turning darker now. The sun was fading behind the green trees taking with it the heat. I hated summer. I hated to sweat when I wasn't doing anything.

After what felt like hours I stood. My legs tingled as blood slowly relished my veins after being cut off for so long. I pointed my tow and turned my foot in a circle to help things along. Everything outside of my room was quiet.

Opening my door just barely, I peeked through the crack. The lights were off. If I listened hard enough I thought I could hear my mother softly snoring. I walked down the hallway, cautious she might jump out to scare me. She was known to do that. When she did I had to endure her punching me in the gut, and once in my chest. She said it was for my own good. She even said that I would get more punches to the gut once I started finding guys attractive. She promised my blood line would die with me.

I found her at the foot of the stairs. Her brown hair covering her blotchy face. As I stepped over her I said a little oath. I mumbled the words I dare not think.

"Can't wait till you die."

I needed to get out of here. Though, I was too young to be out late at night. I knew it had to have been around ten or so since the sun goes down around nine. Oh well, I would have to stay to the forest. I needed to run. I needed to forget that I wanted my mother to die, and that a part of me had hoped she had fallen down the stairs.

I needed to get rid of the darkness inside of me. A run would help me get lost, would help me remember I am a good person.

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Published by Christina Queen