After finishing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child last night I could not help but share my initial thoughts on the continuation to the much beloved Harry Potter series.

After waiting eleven years to find out what has happened to the characters and where their story has taken them I have to say I was quite satisfied. This is the first time I have read a book in one solid sitting due to not being able to put the book down.

To Potter fans the book is addictive like a drug. Due to the play format the book is written in it becomes a rather a light read, you can easily race through the book. Which to me was why it was so addictive, once you truly start going the pacing of the story travels rather fast which motivates you to continue reading as the end quickly approaches.

While I loved the book and enjoyed racing through the story it becomes the books biggest negative. This play format does not allow for truly captivating story telling as a traditional novel would.

What you gain in quick story that satisfies a quench for any new content from this series, you in return lose so much more. In this format a lot of the charters become two dimensional and do not have the development they deserve. Existing characters make decisions that seem rather obscure and new characters are simply shrouded in a cloud of mystery as they are simply thrown at us with little to no actual personality.

Characters seem to be plot devises that are simply present to push the story along rather then being the beloved heroes we once fell in love with.

Too much is crammed into a short story and at times it feels somewhat disjointed. It poses the question would I have enjoyed this book if it was completely new and did not take place in a series very close to my heart? Would I have enjoyed it nearly as much as I did?

The honest answer is probably no, I would have felt rather lost. However to me this is not a book you read to go on a thrilling new adventure. It is simply fan service and I am okay with that. Due to the passion the past Harry Potter books have left within me any sort of new material becomes elevated.

I enjoyed the book so much more then any other book I have read recently, even if the writing is somewhat lacklustre it gives me everything I wanted. It gives me closure. The book has filled me in on what our beloved characters are doing and that is all a needed.

Because of that it was a brilliant read that I would only recommend to fans of the series, I did love reading it however I cannot turn a blind eye to its flaws. But I can accept them and still love it regardless.

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