Everyone seems to love Autumn. Leaves changing, cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything! Don't get me wrong because there are some good things about Autumn. I love the leaves changing colors. I actually did a collection of leaf watercolors recently. I love Halloween (my favorite holiday) and everything about it. I enjoy seeing all the neat heirloom pumpkins and quirky gourds. That's what led to this collection called "Harvest". I'm not sure yet how many pieces will make up this collection. I recently bought several more pumpkins and gourds to use as subject matter. Sundays will be my day to post an article about a new piece I've done. I'll leave a link below in case anyone wants to check out my art blog on WordPress. 

Lets talk about this piece now. What first catches your eye when you see this piece? For me the long twisted stem does. Like a graceful dancer twirling about under the moon. I really like how this piece pops out at you with it's bright orange skin speckled with green. I slowly added brown to the main orange color to create the shadows. The shadow it's self is a mixture of brown and blue. Not all shadow is black or dark grey. Some have blue tones or lavender. Most people don't pay attention to such things though. I think me doing this piece on a white backgound void of any color helps this piece. Let me know what you think.

Much love!!!



Published by Jason Howell