We live in a society where image more often matters more than talent. Let's take Kim Kardashian, the perfect example for exactly this. While she may be considered many things, among which include, ex-porn star, entertainer, reality tv star, she is now recognized by not only society but FORBES, as a social media mogul and entrepreneur. Whether you choose to attribute any of these labels to her name, she is best known for her big juicy A$$. 

Looks have been the forefront of fame and success for longer than anyone with a day job has the time to research. It's not only Kim K and women alike who are praised for their physical appearance. Men are just as easy targets as women. While asses and eyebrows aren't the go-to judgement zones, lips, hair, and of course, the whole chest-ab-lower v area are of great importance.

Trey Songz, a popular r&b artist has become an actual sex symbol for women everywhere. While his songs are catchy and definitely know how to "get you feeling some type of way", his looks have given him more fame than he could have ever imagined. While he is an easy "sexy man" to point out, there are other men who are known for physical attributes without being a 10 on the hotness scale. 

Whether a guy is easy on the eyes or has his quirks, some part of him will be talked about. Fetty Wap is missing an eye, Will Smith has big ears, and Owen Wilson has a weird lookin' nose. 

But what about Kanye?

No one ever talks about his looks. 

There's no doubt he's a musical genius. He's controversial and without a doubt, a trend setter. Everything he touches turns to gold. His potato sack clothing line isn't just a line, it's become a new style. There's preppy, there's minimal, and then there's Kanye. He is married to a female version of himself which we just concluded, created a career based on image and yet Kanye is just Kanye. 

He's an okay looking guy in my eyes. I mean there isn't really anything quirky about him. He's just a normal looking guy who actually has a shred of talent. That's the big difference. He's not Zac Efron. He doesn't need to take off his shirt to get attention. He doesn't need to do anything but make music and continue being is arrogant self. 

I mean, think about it. Have you ever found yourself in a conversation about Kanye's abs or perfectly sculpted arms? I know I haven't. Am I the only one who has stumbled upon this new found discovery? Is it possible that Kanye is the most normal looking, forgettable yet talented male face in Hollywood? 


Published by Nicole Wojtowicz