With the recent release of Queen Bey's newest single "Formation" we've watched the world stop and at only her comand it's carried on. Some changes have occured though, with the clear messages in the visuals for the song released later on Saturday night. You can clearly see images spray painted stating "Stop Killing Us" in the video. This being a message to the law enforcement of America from the Queen herself, to leave our children alone. Speaking of children, Blue Ivy decided to bless the masses with her cameo appearances where you'll hear the lyrics "I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros..." It's obvious that the Queen cares nothing about outsiders opinions when it comes to the natural hair movement of Baby Blue. We also see Beysus showing images of black women owning beauty stores which is only natural yet you'll find that most are owned by Asians, even in prodominantly black communities. There are other powerful concepts such as the Queen laying on a sinking police car, this speculated to be her way of paying homage to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, which there wasn't much government assistance during the crisis. The most powerful part of the video you'll see throughout it all will be a little boy dancing in front of police and then forcing them to put their hands into the air. The slogan "hands up, don't shoot" coming after the murder of Michael Brown who was killed on video but still there was no idictment. This is no coincidence as the video came out just one day after the would be 21st birthday of Trayvon Martin who was murdered with no justice. It was also the day before the celebration of what should've been the birthday of Sandra Bland, who died in police custody yet her tragic death was ruled a suicide. Beyoncé being who she is, knew all of this and has set a new bar for black entertainers to make an effort to surpass. As she continues to slay, Queen Bey may have just sang the words to awaken "a black Bill Gates in the making."

Published by T. Todd