So summer is here and for the hundreth year in a row you didn’t get that summer body BUT who really cares anyway?! Holiday booked, compulsively shopped for bikinis and swimwear and sunglasses even though you know full well you have enough. Well can you ever really have enough??????

But have you checked out these 12 summer beauty tips to make summer that little bit more beautiful?

  1. SUNCREAM – Maybe you’re sick of everyone harping on about how important it is but trust me, they’re right. Make sure you always use SPF 30 or above and re-apply regularly. You would with your lipstick… Even if you’re summering somewhere in England or Scotland and it doesn’t seem too sunny, slap a little on just to be safe. Sebastian is the only beautiful lobster.
  2. Body Scrub – Before you go away, to prep your skin for tanning and creams. Get rid of all the dead cells that coped with the cold and help your skin renew itself.
  3. Vitamins– If you’re prone to getting mosquito bites or don’t tan too easily, check out what vitamins could help but they can’t do much harm. 
  4. Tanning Lotion – If you can’t wait to get tanned, opt for a false tan rather than sunbeds. They are so dangerous and just not worth the risk. These lotions are also great for people (like me) who are too pale for lots of sun exposure.
  5. Moisturize – This really helps to even out your self tan from the above point but it’s also necessary to apply after a shower on holiday, to get all the oils off your body and protect your skin and keep it healthy and glowing
  6. Hair Ties – Don’t forget your hair is also exposed to a lot of sun so if it’s dyed remember a shampoo with SPF to protect it. It’s best not to add heat to it in these conditions so put the straighteners away! Soft hair ties/bobbles with no metal is best for your hair so it doesn’t damage the weaker fibres.  You can get these from Primark.
  7. Dry Shampoo – If the humidity is too much for your hair and you don’t fancy taking your third shower of the day, keep some dry shampoo handy and a spritz here and there will help control it. 
  8. Hats – Whether its a straw boater or a stylish floppy hat, make sure you pack a hat. They will go with everything from your bikini to your maxi dress and will protect your scalp and hairline. Do you really want to have suncream in your hair?
  9. Creams – Cream products will work much better in the heat than powdered products. A tinted moisturizer or BB cream but in the heat, au natural s a much better look, trust me!
  10. Mascara – Remember to switch to a waterproof mascara for holiday season, you don’t want to look like a panda after getting splashed.
  11. Nails – Neons and pastels! The only colours that are allowed in summer, sorry navy! Try mixing and matching colours, all pastels but a different colour of each nail? Don’t forget ypur feet for those open toed sandals.
  12.  Travel Size – Stock up on travel size products or small containers, basically steal the mini shampoo from the hotel, and fill up smaller bottles with your favourite products so you can pop them in your bag to carry around. This will also make your bag lighter. 

Let me know your summer beauty routine! What are your favourite products?

Stay classy,


Published by Hannah Henley