If you need a break from making merry, you might be interested in these true creepy stories!

I’ve mentioned in the past being addicted to the creepy story YouTube channels.  It can be a time consuming hobby, especially when it comes to videos like the one in this article, which are longer than usual.  Personally I prefer it when the videos are kept “shorter” but if you have the time you might want to check these out.

Unit #522’s hour and a half video starts off with a mysterious at a couple’s house, before moving on to a woman being followed by two men in a truck on a lonely road.  And there’s still more than eight minutes to go!

In a video that falls just short of the ninety minute mark, Insomniak presents fifteen true scary stories.  Here we have a creepy landlord.   Obviously true creepy story videos can get very dark, and this one is definitely very disturbing, especially for animal lovers.

Compared to the first two videos, HorrorStudio1’s offering is almost brief, at just over an hour.  His video includes a dream about a bully’s death that came true.  Be. Busta presents a video including a girl being used as a drug mule, and a story from a jail.

Moving on to a video that comes close to the two hour mark, Top15s presents a story of mysterious sounds outside the house in the middle of the night, and another story about strange sounds coming from the attic.

Finally, Let’s Read! Offers up a video of ten Cryptid Encounters.  The first story starts with the narrator explaining how he got into ritualistic Satanism, which of course has absolutely no negative consequences. The channel has another video of ten creepy encounters, including a story of an intruder living in an apartment.

Published by Andrew Clendening