Fitness lovers are everywhere, and I’m one of them! Despite the fact that Christmas should be about warm feelings, relaxing and spending time with loved ones, chances are there were gifts given. If you had a fitness junkie on your list and felt in the dark about what to get them, you’re not alone. So, maybe you have a fitness lover that will need a birthday gift this year – here’s what you should get them…

Pay for their gym membership.

Every single fitness lover probably has some sort of gym payment due each month. What better gift to give them than to pay it? Just make sure that the gym isn’t going to double-charge them and still take the money out of their account. Usually, if you go into the gym you can tell the manager your intentions and they can ‘stop payment’ from their account for a month (or as long as you’d like). I know that for me this is a huge expense each year because I value investing in my health, so I would love to have someone pay for my gym membership!

Stock them up on sports bras, socks and undies.

These are the last things that women think about when purchasing workout clothing. They want trendy leggings or chic tops, and the last thing on their minds is what they are going to wear underneath. So, stock your bestie up on socks to workout in and a good sports bra. My favorites are Nike, Lululemon and Under Armor – depending on what I’m doing. Those three brands along with Victoria’s Secret Sport have great undies as well.

Buy them a race. 

Have a runner friend? They’re most likely going to be participating in a race this year, so why not pay their way? Even better, book it for both of you so that it’s an opportunity to spend quality time training and racing together. 5k, half and marathon races can get expensive especially if you do multiple per year. A free race would make a great gift!

Hydrate them with a chic water bottle. 

So many companies have released water bottles with badass sayings on them that serve as inspiration in the gym, and a fitness junkie can never have too many water bottles. Just make sure that it isn’t obnoxiously big so that it can be stored easily, and that it can go in the dishwasher without getting ruined – face it, no one wants to be hand washing!

Published by Laura C.