Ghosting is the term used for disappearing acts in online dating. It's a popular trend for the generation today. One day, you're sending cheesy romantic texts then the next you disappear because you realize she's not the right one for you.

Sound familiar?

I have been ghosted by multiple men more than twice or thrice. Sometimes, you think the relationship is going a-okay, then one day, Guy A or Guy B decides to stop communicating. 

Online dating is similar to going to a circus. You don't know, you're already saying yes to an emotional rollercoaster ride of your life! Then bam! You hit a hard wall because the circus can't always stay in town. So bye-bye rollercoaster!

 And truth is, it hurts. While I may have ghosted a few guys, I am really hopeful that online dating will bring in some good luck and give me a good man who can treat me right, the way I deserve it.

Have you been ghosted? Or have you ever ghosted anybody? Leave your comments below!


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo