She never did until the question was raised by a close friend. “Are you happy?”, her friend asked. There was a rush of feelings that came and went but she was unable to answer, Words, which were suppose to protect her failed to support her. So to avoid that very awkward moment she opted to ignore the question by using the modern word-art of sarcasm.

Even though she successfully ignored the question then but it continued annoying her onward. She was unable to understand that why her brain and heart are not agreeing with each other. She tried to convince her heart but that directed her towards the box in her mind which she was forbidden to open. The one in which the brain had compiled all the bad memories that she thought doesn’t bother her. The thought of opening that box made her shiver. That moment was enough for her to realize that how true her heart was. She was being ignorant the whole time and she needed to deal with the long list of bad memories which were inside the box. She needed to get rid of that box to actually be happy.


Published by Ramsha Tahir