Do you like someone liking you,loving you or admiring you?
c)May be

Have you ever thought of Secret admirer??

Getting loved is the best feel in the universe either crafted or not..What say?

When the feeling of unknown is added,It turns awesome,Isn't it??

Because the more you hide your feelings to someone..
The more you fall for them...
As like Secret Admiration!

They try to hide intuitions to their loved one's due to fear of questions which are more complicated than the answers...

After a long fight with self,they come with their expression where some end up as getting noted their acts as mere stalking!

But make sure to voice your thoughts to your loved ones by giving them the faith to be your side always....

As faith sees the invisible,believes incredible and receives what you feel impossible...

Live Life Leafed with Love and Laugh(My L5 principle)

Published by Pranavya Mandapati