Since the beginning of time, people have been falling in love.

 The key was not and has never been finding someone and falling in love as soon as possible but knowing whether or not this was the person you were meant to be with. 

Here are 10 signs to help you decide whether or not you've found the one. 

1. You are best friends before anything. When you meet someone it's important to feel comfortable, happy and open with them or your relationship is bound to fail in one aspect or another. 

2. You trust each other extensively. You can look through each others phones without concern, talk about who or what makes you jealous, you don't question where they're going and you're open with each other. 

3. You can be yourself. You aren't shy when it comes to being you. You can pick your nose, fart, pig out and still feel like the most beautiful/handsome person in the world AND that your partner loves you for who you are.

4. You communicate well. You tell each other how you're feeling whether it's being happy, sad, excited, angry, remorseful, etc. 

5. You don't hold grudges. You don't waste time being angry and instead voice your feelings and find a way to fix what's been broken and move on together. 

6. You forgive & forget quickly. When something goes wrong you're willing to work it out and move on easily without holding it against your significant other.  

7. You both listen to understand. You don't argue to feel dominant or just for the sake of being right. When your partner is upset or mad you listen as to why and find a compromise or a way to work it out. 

8. You're equal in everything. There is no stereotyping. Woman and woman are the same. Men and woman are the same. Men and men are the same. And so are you and your significant other. 

9. You're supportive. You're always cheering each other on from the sidelines and encourage them to do their best in everything. You allow them to excel and bring them up when they're down. 

10. You're kind to each other.  You love one another unconditionally and make each other feel good constantly. You're both appreciative, loving, caring and selfless. 

So, have you found THE one?

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Published by Andie Toderovitz