And this signage led the way for us! The rain finally cleared that night but being unfamiliar with the area led to our late discovery of this. Better late than never right? Haha. So now comes the pressing question, have you taken a mouthful of Beiruti Bite yet?

Saad Aggag, who is the owner of Beiruti Bite, was in constant search for that authentic Mediterranean bite. Being here for 5 years made him miss his roots that led him to open this restaurant. All the main ingredients are sourced from his homeland while the meat and veggies are bought locally. He really wants to stay true to what this cuisine really is, and share it to the Filipino community. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, diners slowly flocked here on a late evening. It does have this family and friendly vibe where one could bond over at. My favorite sections of the resto was the cabinet with all the foreign products and picture collage wall deco. The cabinet had all these trinkets and products that exudes Beirut’s culture. I was hesitant to touch any item (though Saad said it was okay to use them) so I just took a photo of it. As for the wall, it’s very instagram-worthy.:-)

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