You can spend your whole life living in a safe little bubble not taking any chances and not getting hurt.  You will probably always win and lose nothing.  You won't get hurt or find yourself in a less than pleasant situation.   

Ask yourself though, what is the fun in that? 

Sure, I've taken a few risks that crashed and burned.  I've had my heart broke.  I left a stable job for a brand new start up company that folded. I've jumped on board with less than traditional marketing companies.  I've made some money and I've lost some money and I've got tons of stories and experience to tell because of it. 

I have life long friends, I have networks of people, and I have experience I never would have gotten had I not taken the chance. 

Look at me today.  My hearts mended, I still have a roof over my house and I have goals and plans for the future. 

 Life is all about taking risks.  If you never take a risk you will never achieve your dream. 

What is one risk you took that helped you get closer to your dreams? 



Published by Jenny Jones