You know the feeling when everything is just so stressful and you cannot even get yourself out of bed? 

I had a couple of days like that! I was just stressing myself too much, with exams, with schoolwork, going to my parents house and then back again to my place so many times and I felt like I could not miss out on one single day without being with my friends, because I was away from my friends for 4 months while I was studying in Sarajevo. 
I just felt that I was all over the place and did not give myself any time off and did not have a day for myself. So everything just builded up and I had a couple of days with the most horrible headache, my body felt very weak, I was not really the happy and cheerful me and simply, I was just exhausted!

That's when I decided that I had to have a little "Elma-day". I did not plan anything for a day, I just needed to spoil myself and just have a day for myself without worrying or thinking about schoolwork or anything like that... No plans with my family nor my friends. I wanted to have a day for myself and enjoy it! 
I just sleept until I was fully rested and then I stayed at home... No schoolwork, no distractions, just me, myself and I! 
I was so calm and relaxed after my little pampering day and I loved spoiling myself like that. I think that was what I really needed! Because after my little relaxation day I felt so much better. Ready to explore the world yet again!

I think that it is very important not to forget that we all could use a little pampering now and then. It does not matter which kind of pampering you get, just do not forget that we all need it and that it does not take a lot! 
It does not have to involve a huge trip to the spa or something like that, but it can be as simpole as  a long hot bath, maybe with candles, an evening with some tea and a good book or a little relaxation time with a facemask and some good music. Whatever works for you! 

I too have to get better at remembering that. And from now on I will make an effort in remembering that it is okay to say no and just have an evening by yourself and just relax!

Remember to pamper yourself once in a while people! Do something nice for yourself, you truly deserve it!

Published by Elma Omukic