At the time I am writing this, the day is still very young. The sun, though it is masked behind an array of gloomy clouds, is still high in the sky with no way of setting for several more hours. Here is a shortened and less-detailed list of what has happened today:
I unintentionally slept in and had to rush to get ready in order to be at work on time. Once I was done with work, I had to go to class; however, I was running late to that, too. Upon getting to the college, I realized that there was a small dribble of honey mustard that had found its way down my shirt after I rushed to eat lunch. Then, instead of going to an already in-session class, I quickly moved my computer bag to mask the honey mustard and dashed to the bathroom to try to clean out the condiment. Long story short, my shirt is drenched in water, and I am now in the library writing this while my professor lectures on about items that will most definitely find its way onto an upcoming exam. 

There is much more that I could add to that list; however, I would prefer to spare you some of the gruesome details of my unusual morning. Plus, I am not writing this to complain about having "one of those days." I am instead writing this to explain how, although the events of today may not have been favorable (even the weather itself is cold and gloomy today), I have made the conscious decision to have a fantastic day. 

That's right: I choose to have a good day despite the circumstances around me. You see, circumstances do not (and in my opinion should not) define you. Because despite any and everything that may happen, there is still so much good that is always happening at the same time. No matter what the day holds, there is still a God that loves you, a Savior that died for you, and a hope that lives inside of you--a confident hope that assures you that God still does and always will love you.

It is important, vital even, for Christians to understand that no matter what they may face--whether it's something big or something small--they have been given the ability to rise above those circumstances and let both their day and their self be defined not by a worldly standard but by a heavenly standard--a standard that does not base its findings on only the minute things that can be seen but instead focuses on the bigger picture and on the things that, well, cannot be seen and sometimes cannot even be understood.

In other words, the world will see the storm you're in and define you by that. They will pity you. However, God does not pity you, and the storm you're in does not have to define you. Instead, God gives you the ability to be defined by who you are now and who you are becoming--not what you go through or who you were. He even gives you the power to speak to the storm that may be going on and make it go away. 

To sum all of this up, although circumstances may not be favorable, you don't ever have to let those circumstances define you or the day you're having. No matter what, you always have the ability to have a good day--a good life. Praise God in the midst of a storm or a "bad day," and watch your entire outlook change, or better yet, watch the storm go away completely. 

Published by Amber Oglesby