Sticking to a budget doesn't always necessarily mean you have to miss out on fun opportunities. Given our upcoming move to the new apartment, my boyfriend and I have been monitoring our funds, closely keeping an eye on all the numbers as the responsibility of handling moving expenses outweighs impulsive decisions to blow those hard-earned dollars.

I love that the city of Kingston offers an assortment of free events all year long. It makes the city accessible to everyone despite income, and as a result, I feel like it really translates into most of these events as an enjoyable experience. Children, teens, and adults have been encouraged this summer to partake in a number of free city events, from Movies in the SquareMusic in the ParkChef Cooking Demos, and so much more. Due to my varying work schedule, I don't always get to attend every event, but when the opportunity arises, I do my best not to miss out.

Most recently, my boyfriend and I went to check out the Kingston Buskers Rendezvous this past weekend. Every year for the last 28 years, Kingston has hosted this grand festival of international buskers for citizens to attend and appreciate. Running for a total of four days, it gives many city dwellers the chance to witness some of the world's most talented performers doing what they do best: entertain. After checking out some of the highlights from last year's festival (which I missed since I didn't live in Kingston just yet), my boyfriend and I decided it would be a unique night out on the town to catch some old fashioned entertainment.

We hopped on a bus downtown after we were done work on Saturday, hopeful that the approaching rain clouds wouldn't impact the evening's planned festivities. We made it down to Springer Market Square just as the rain began to fall, but that didn't stop the Bang-Bang Boys from carrying on with their performance! The duo made light of the torrential downpour, and even went so far as to carry on with their unicycle skits and tricks despite the slippery terrain! It really goes to show the level of talent and dedication these people possess when they can commit to helping their audience create memories from their performance in unfavourable conditions.

After the Bang-Bang Boys wrapped up their set, the rain began to pour a little bit harder, so we retreated to the Iron Duke for our first visit since we were looking to discover someplace new to hangout and grab a drink. We ordered amazing fries; seriously, they were rubbed with buffalo sauce and were paired so nicely with a ranch dip, and I never dip fries in anything but ketchup!

The two of us enjoyed our time at the Duke so much that we nearly lost track of time. It was nearing 10pm, and our intent had been to make it out to watch the grand Fire Show, where several of the buskers come together in one large evening performance to showcase their skills yet again. From mini cycles to dancing and magic floating tables, it was a show that brought the life and spirit of the city into one energy-driven show.

Just as the Bang-Bang Boys noted in their performance, buskers do what they love to do for fun. They still have families to support and lives in their hometowns, but they choose to bring a smile to a child's face when they brave rainy weather. They choose to create long-lasting memories for families just out of sheer passion for life and their craft. It really inspired me to take a closer look at my own pursuits and passions when paired with my future goals. It takes a lot of self-confidence to declare your passion and stick to it for many years, and I can only hope to manage that same feat.

Going out for some fun doesn't always have to break the bank. If you embark with a plan in mind, it's easy to keep on track (especially when you know you have furniture to purchase soon). There are ways to have fun that money can't buy. You just have to look a little deeper.

Published by Ashley Newton