Genesis 39 “Having Nothing but Possessing Everything”

These are the words that express where Joseph is. Unlike Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, his forefathers, Joseph has never had and never will have an audience with God and yet he has been faithful in the midst of being hated by his brothers, sold into slavery and then be put into prison. Yet with nothing “the shackles hurt his feet, his neck was placed in an iron collar…”  “God was “with Joseph.” We look at life through rose colored glasses thinking that obedience and faithfulness will lead to prosperity. In fact, when we are obedient and not immediately rewarded we grumble and complain. How unlike Joseph; how unlike Paul. He, like Joseph, had lost it all and he writes: I regard "all things as liabilities to the greater value of knowing Christ. Paul echoes what Joseph was experiencing:

 “poor yet making many richas having nothing yet possessing all things.” [2Cor 6]

When it seems like God is not “with us” how do we cope? How do we respond? We respond by reminding ourselves of what Jesus said ““I will never leave you and I will never abandon you.” [Heb 13:5] God is true to His Word in all circumstances of life. God may never reveal Himself to us but He is WITH us through thick and thin.

The challenge for us is to believe "where our treasure is our heart will be also"  and that “what He has begun He will complete.”  

All scripture is taken from the FREE online Bible Study Tool powered by LUMINA 

Published by Gaye Austin