Gamers and golf fans who enjoy video games may have become familiar with the wildly popular 2014 game “The Golf Club” packed with features that included the ability to design custom courses to the extent that certain famous courses of the real world could be recreated.  Now the game’s developers are set to release the second, new and improved version of the game.

While “The Golf Club” had loads of features, HB studios have taken it up a notch and added even more features than the original included.  Of the new features, users will have more in depth player customization and be able to be part of society-play hangout setting where matches can be setup as well as access to a full practice area and a bigger set of tools to use in the course designer which already is quite elaborate. 

The announcement came mid last year with a preview video which revealed stunning graphics, while some features were officially announced then, it is very possible that even more features have been added since and will pleasantly surprise eager buyers when the game enters the market in the next couple of months (the release date is planned during the first quarter of this year). 

What is known is that a new swing mechanic will be included and players will thus have more choices.  Avid golfers will be able to make the game as hard as possible while also having the option to make it little more relaxed.  HB studios has confirmed that there will be a career mode which will allow players to win prize earnings that can be used to purchase new equipment for their virtual players.  The preview trailer has also indicated that there will be a TGC version of the Masters’ tournament which may also mean that the game will have its own version of all four of Golf’s majors.  Also for certain of the features are improved swing animations which should provide for a more realistic experience, the designers brought in a few real life pros and recorded the motion capture sessions to diversify the animation of various swing styles.  The graphics are already exquisite, gamers will be able to add waterfalls in course designing which was not possible in the original.

Perhaps the only thing lacking is a namesake, the game does not have a PGA tour license or the endorsement of a famous player, but who needs that?  Golf fanatics probably would like the option to have famous courses built it or the ability to compete against virtual versions of players such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson though playing against the computer isn’t as fun and the virtual community wouldn’t be as diverse, most everybody would want to be Tiger Woods and the latest player to capture the world number one ranking.  Regardless the game is certain to provide as realistic an experience as the original and any other game on the market aside from the inclusion of real life professionals.

Golden Tee Live is a game enjoyed by both those who do and those who don’t play golf in real life and “The Golf Club” is a similar type of video game but with slightly more realistic graphics and more features you don’t get with arcade video games.  If you simply appreciate a fun sports video game or have an interest in the game, you may want to pick this one up.  As far as video games go, “The Golf Club 2” promises to be one of, if not the very best, golf video games of 2017 and will be available on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola