For so long, we have been acclimatized to the portrayal of heroes on T.V; the heroes that no matter what will never die. Series have been often created in the shadows of a one-man show. However, this dogma is gradually changing and the concept of good vs. evil and protagonist against antagonist is becoming more and more flawed. HBO made sure to expose this through its investment in imperfect characters. It’s becoming vogue and imperfect characters are becoming a fan favorite!

The hidden charm of imperfection

There’s a reason why HBO is making it a point to highlight imperfect characters; in a nutshell, they are more relatable to the masses. It makes the characters more human and much more interesting. A character that is picture perfect and polished can actually become very one dimensional and can easily lose the viewing audiences interest. You’ll find that Slick Kook and plenty of other entertainment sites are now noticing, highlighting and giving detailed overviews of these characters that you are sure to have a love for once you see how intricate and well, imperfect they are!

Here’s some proof why HBO is absolutely brilliant for taking that decision.

Arya Stark – The Brutal Assassin

So who cannot root for this badass character? Revenge is sweet and the Game of Thrones character might have taken it too far. Nonetheless, Arya is becoming a favorite for millions of viewers around the world, changing the ideology of what constitutes a heroin – and an assassin.  Arya morphing from an innocent little girl to a murderous brutal assassin is character development done right. Although some questions may arise regarding her morality and ethics, people can’t wait to see her kick some more butt next season!

Maeve – Artificial Intelligence Gone Wild

Thandie Newton in Westword is just another kickass female character. This very endearing, admirable character may seem flawless. Strong character with a passionate heart is the perfect combination, right? Well, the thing is Maeve is not even human. But she makes you want to abandon your race and side with the non-humans! Maeve makes A.I. look really smart and aware, but are they? Nonetheless, she’s close to being the hero we want than any other human on the show!

Rust Cohle – On Becoming Nihilistic

Matthew McConaughey in easily one of the greatest roles he has ever done. HBO boasts yet another thorough character development through Cohle’s transformation from philosophical to nihilistic. The philosophical quote machine with a penchant for Lone Star Beer and cartons of cigarettes became a sensation in just eight episodes of the show.

Tyrion Lanister – The Beloved Dwarf

If we take a closer look, we’ll find pretty much of all Game of Thrones characters are imperfect one way or another. With Tyrion, we see this imperfection in his physical appearance. The wisest, most-loved character in the show is portrayed as an imp who is loathed for his condition by his family, often being referred to as a monster. Nonetheless, Tyrion wins the hearts of every fan out there.

Omar Little – The Righteous Criminal

A criminal with his own set of morals. The fact that he was homosexual, didn’t curse, and floated somewhere between good and evil made him 100% original. Not many HBO characters will be liked as much as Omar.

The Perfection of Imperfect Characters

These are among the best T.V. characters that we have ever seen, and they are all imperfect. Why we love these characters is an intriguing question. Maybe we see a little bit of ourselves in them, maybe they empower us, and maybe they’re just good actors and actresses. But what is for certain is that HBO has taken character development to a whole new level. Investing in these imperfect characters may not be a strange appeal after all, because with these awesome characters, who wouldn’t want to watch HBO?


Published by Lavismichel Inkel