Right now we are in the last stages of our move. In the beginning of this month we left our house and moved everything to a smaller apartment. Since then we have spent our days cleaning up the house and moving our last stuff out. Today is the day when the cleaners will be coming, and the new real estate agent will come tomorrow to begin the process of selling it. 


Moving from a big house to a small apartment involves making a lot of changes, and the biggest one is admitting you have no room for every little thing you owe. So something has to go. We have sold a lot of our stuff, something which is a blessing right now because it means money is coming in and makes it possible to make it until next paycheck. And we have been blessed with a quick sale on every item at a very good asking price. We have actually earned ourself some money and have been given favor with every individual who bought our stuff so they payed what it was worth. 


This weekend has been an exhausting weekend in a way. We have been a little behind on moving the last stuff from our house, so on saturday and sunday I worked 8 hours packing and moving the last of our stuff. I had hoped I would finish yesterday, but there are still a few things left we need to take out of the house before it goes on the market. Its not much about 2 boxes. 


On saturday I had to move a King size bed down from the 1 floor to the ground floor all by myself. I had no choice because some people where coming to buy it and I wanted to assemble the bed for them so they could test it before they bought it. On the 1 floor of our house there would be no room to assemble such a huge bed, so it has been stored there until now. Moving a bed that size down a flight of stares all by myself was scary,but I had no choice I had to get it down. So I did what I normally would do, but sometimes forget. I prayed. I did not pray any long complicated prayer, I just told the Lord "now its just you and me. If you dont do anything now this will go very wrong very quickly and it could even end with me coming home to you in heaven if I loose control over the bed. So if you want to keep me on this earth for some time longer, you have to do something". 


It went very well, I did not see anybody else with me, but I had no problem getting the bed down the flight of stairs. And it actually felt like another person was holding and carrying the other end of the bed. So He answers prayers and they do not have to be long and complicated. 


Yesterday I felt very tired when I was about to begin working at the house cleaning it out. I felt every emotion in the book, discouragement, fear, exhausted. But I had no choice, if I did not do anything nothing would happen. I could not ask somebody else to help me or do it for me. It was myself or nobody. And sometimes life is like that, we have challenges we dont want to go through but we have no choice. We have to take them on. 

So what did I do? I prayed. I told the Lord I cant do this, but I have to do it, I have no choice. He answered the prayer as well and He provided the strength, the courage and the guidance I needed to clean and pack the house. 


We have no curtains or blinds in our new apartment. Our landlord has given us some blinds to hang, but we have not had the time yet. On Saturday our landlord was having a party on his lawn. His lawn is just outside of our windows, so it suddenly dawned on us we need blinds and we need it fast before the party begins. I read the instructions, I followed them, but for some reason I could not get the brackets to stick to the window. So I soon had to admit I had no chance of getting the blinds up in time before the party. So I prayed, I told the Lord we need to get them up so we can have some privacy and He gave me an idea. He told me to google the name of the blinds, and what came up as a result was some guy in the US who was struggling just as myself. He could not get the brackets to stick to the window. His solution was use doubled sided tape to hang the blinds. I followed his advice and within 30 minutes all the blinds was up and we had a pleasent saturday evening behind blind while the party was going on outside on the lawn of our landlord. 


The reason for me sharing this is to show you our Lord is concerned with everything in our lives. He wants to meet your needs and no need is to small and no need is to great for Him. You dont have to perform some kind of ritual to get His attention and His help. The only thing that is required of you is faith, but not just any kind of faith, it has to be faith in Jesus and Him crucified for your sins, faith and trust in the blood of Jesus. 


But I am also telling you all of this to show you that my life is not perfect. I am an apostle, but I still live a normal life with every day challenges, tests and trials. But what is available for me is available for you. I dont know if you have to move a king size bed all by yourself down a flight of stairs. Perhaps your challenge is something just as big, perhaps bigger, but very different. No matter what it might be, if your faith is focused on Jesus and Him crucified He will help you. Sometimes He will remove the challenge, sometimes He will walk through the challenge with you. 


My wife and I still have financial debt. Our house is not sold yet, and two real estate agents has already backed out from selling it. But something has changed the last weeks. I have begun to hear the Lord telling me more and more, constantly reminding me that I have nothing to worry about. He is fighting for us, He is our provider, and because of His blood we are already debt free. 


I dont know how or when. But that is not my business, thats His business. My job is to believe in Jesus Christ and Him crucified for my sins, then He does the rest. 

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com