Starting in Luke 13:10 we are told the account of Jesus healing a woman in the synagogue.  She had been sick and bent over for eighteen years.  We are told she could not even lift herself up.  When Jesus saw her, He called to her, laid His hands on her and healed her.  She had a very understandable reaction, she glorified God.

    You would think that everyone present would do the same after witnessing this miracle.  However, “the ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation, because that Jesus had healed on the sabbath day.” (v14 KJV)  After witnessing the miracle, he was upset because something wonderful was done on the Sabbath.

    We must be careful not to become like this ruler, to be upset about something God does because He does not do it the way we think He should.  If God wants to heal someone on the Sabbath, He will.  If He wants to use an ordinary person to bring about a healing, He can.  If He wants healing to happen in the middle of a grocery store, He can.  We need to allow ourselves to be open to God moving in ways that we do not expect.

Published by Ray Richards