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After lots of shopping at home town walking on the street with buddies is awesome feeling ever. In the same way we also shopped for hours, had some food at our favorite restaurant and we were about to get back to our homes.

There we found a small boy selling groundnuts and sweet corns. At first it touched my soul, we just busy in shopping and having food outside, whereas this small guy is busy in selling these groundnut and sweetcorns. We saw him for minutes without grabbing his attention, he was calling peoples passing by him to buy his things.

Most cheapest thing was peoples were bargaining with small boy by holding big shopping bags in their hands. The bags they were holding were branded dress and reputed hotel foods. In that store these peoples don’t bargain, because its prestige to them. Whereas this with guy they wanna buy at lower price than he tells. Poor guy!

We went to him and asked How much for a tin of groundnut and and for a sweetcorn. He replied “15rs for a tin of groundnut and 15rs for a sweetcorn”. 

My sissy replied, now i found who is really poor among this guy and bargainers. And yes its true! Because he started telling “Didi 10 me dedunga lelo”(i will give for 10rs, buy sissy). 

We asked him where is his parents and whether he going to school or not. His replied stunned and we respected his answer and thought , he said ” I ahve passed 4th std, and about to go to 5th std, to pay the fees and buy some books i’m doing this”

He knew the true value of education!! May almighty bless him!

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Published by Ashoora Arif