“Hello.” I said through the phone.

“Whatever it may be, let’s meet.” He replied.

He was always like that. He senses everything even though I haven’t said anything yet. He doesn’t even bother knowing what’s my mind up to. No, we don’t talk everyday. We seldom meet. But there’s this connection that never fades whenever we see each other. I trust him that much. He was a friend, a treasure. He was a person for life.


Due to his persistence, falling in love with him was never my plan. I trusted him without any doubt. Months passed, who would have thought everything would be so different.


“Let’s talk later. I’m busy.” *hungs up phone*

And that’s where everthing changed. Just like any other experiences, breakup cliché, he fell out of love.. He then became a lesson for life.

• • • • • •
When you fully trust someone without any doubt, you finally get one of two results: A person for life or a lesson for life.

He was both.

Published by Regine Faundo