We all need healing, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 

The Bible says that even though we are not to covet healing as an idol, we are to acknowledge our need for healing and seek healing prayer. 

Each believer is well able to pray for his or her own healing. You do not need to rely on any human being to be healed. For the healing comes from Jesus, not from a human being. And the healing comes from Jesus because of what He did for you and me at the cross. His death on the cross for our sins is what has given us healing. 

But the Bible also teaches that our Lord gives the gift of healing to some individuals. Our Lord knows that when you are sick, it is hard sometimes to pray for yourself. Sometimes it can be even impossible to pray for yourself because you become so discouraged by the physical, emotional or mental illness. That is when the Bible tells us to seek healing prayer from other believers, but especially from those who have been given the gift of healing. (1.Cor 12:28)

It would be blasphemy to charge money for healing prayer, because the gift is free and the gift is given because of the cross. We cant earn a spiritual gift, we cant earn our salvation, everything is a free gift and we are obligated to make sure we use the gifts we are given without charging money for it. 

I am an apostel, and I have been given many spiritual gifts one of them being the gift of healing. During my time in ministry I have prayed for a lot of people and I have seen deaf ears opened, people set free from demonic oppression and possession, mental and other physical disorders and sicknesses healed. 

None of this has happened because of me. I cant heal anybody, but I believe Jesus died for me so I am dead, I am buried with Christ and risen again to live His life. And He is now living in me. I am not He, I am not Jesus, but Jesus is living in me and He has given me the gift of healing. 

Do you want me to pray for you?

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Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com