Do you want to get relieved from all your stresses for once?

Are you tired of your physical, mental and emotional traumas?

Are you in search of some magical wand to flick away your worries?

Well, the Lapis Lazuli is the bright and sparkling answer to your queries.

But what is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock that is known for its incredible healing and soothing properties. For centuries this stone is used to cut off all the worries and to heal people with various massage stone therapies. It is a metamorphic rock found in the mountains of Afghanistan, beautifully blue in color and magical in its nature.

How could a stone help me with my stress?

Stones are the purest natural elements, and our bodies are a product of nature as well. When we use natural items for healing, our bodies get most comfortable, and our minds get relaxed. The energy and the vibrations within the stone get transferred to your body and benefit you in several ways. Let us have a look at lapis healing stone benefits.

  • Spiritual Healing

For centuries this fantastic blue stone is in use for proving the people with mental healing. The energy was emitting from this stone when gets transferred to the body, it boosts the positive energy and promotes positive thoughts. The positivity and peacefulness of mind is the key to spiritual health. Lapis lazuli is known for its high positivity inducing powers and is proving itself for it throughout the world.


  • Physical healing

The benefits of using the lapis stone for physical healing are numerous. The top of the list benefit is for the healing of throat area where it not only helps to stabilize and stimulate the vocal cords, endocrine glands, and larynx but also affects the functioning of the thyroid.  Lapis lazuli is also known for healing hearing impairment and several nasal issues. It also helps sleep disorders, stimulates blood pressure, stabilizes heartbeat, and helps heal any irregularities with menstrual cycles, relieves body stiffness and relaxes the muscles to provide a thorough comfort.

  • Emotional Healing

All the psychological issues are linked to the stress in the body, as we have learned so far that the Lapis stone is capable of soothing the body, it greatly helps to deal with the temperament issues. People having a short temper could easily heal with the use of this stone. There is specific energy linked to this rock that even wearing it helps deal with issues. Teenagers are often seen worried about not being able to fully concentrate on their studies, this stone also helps resolve the problems of focus and concentration. Young children could also be treated with this stone as it helps solve their issues with self-expression and socializing.

You see that some spiritual, emotional and physical health issues could be resolved if you Buy lapis lazuli for you and your family and this little stone will promise to solve several problems of your life. 

Published by Kimberly Smith