With bullying and body shaming  on the rise, if there was ever a time that the World needed love , that time is now. Love can come in many forms, according to Mother Theresa it could be in a smile, for me love is saying ' what do you need'.

Imagine my delight a few months ago when I came across a campaign of love headed by LeAnne Dlamini ,South African singer, songwriter, mother, ,wife, entrepreneur and all round powerhouse.  End Girl Hate, an empowering campaign started on social media.  I chatted to LeAnne to find out what inspired her to start this initiative.

Q:How did the End Girl Hate campaign come into being?

‘End Girl Hate was born through my passion & love for women & girls. I wanted to start encouraging women, empowering them & letting them know that it’s okay for us to support one another & do so freely! With no jealousy attached. And it all started on social media.’

Q: What is your purpose/vision/mission with this campaign?
‘I call End girl Hate The Sisterhood Movement, and my dream is for the movement to spread across our nation & beyond the shores of South Africa & Africa. I want women to have each others backs & feel the love & support from one another no matter who we are or where we are!’

As always thank you for reading, if you would like to read my original article and full interview with LeAnne, click here​According to Statisticbrain.com 52 % of students have reported being affected by cyber bullying while 33 % of teens have been threatened online. With 16.6 % of males being exposed to cyber bullying and 25.1 % females. 


Cyber Bullying Statistics Data
Percent of students who reported being cyber bullied 52 %
Teens who have experienced cyberthreats online 33 %
Teens who have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the internet 25 %
Teens who do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs 52 %
Percent of teens who have had embarrassing or damaging pictures taken of themselves without their permission, often using cell phone cameras 11 %



Published by Fadwa Walker