My heart aches

The holes in my heart seem to not heal

Blood pouring onto my ribs and flowing internally in my body…

Tears that once were salty are now a metallic taste

with a dark, thick color rolling down my face.

The abandonment is too much to bare…

I soon feel my body rising as it begins to float above,

watching how my life has unfolded itself.

I am in haze as I see myself residing in another dimension…

My vision is 20/20

I see the truth…

My tears of blood are lost pain

My body must endure this incredible pain to rid these demons.

Soon the pain will pass and my heart will heal.

Tears will be water once again.

My lungs will be able to inhale oxygen without feeling as though every breath I take is strangulating my air passages.

In time,

I will heal.

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Published by Michelle Tulik