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I don’t know about you guys, but the holidays are hard on my diet! From work parties, to family gatherings, to celebrations with friends, I have almost entirely given up on sticking to my healthy habits…mostly…

The one thing I always stick too though is running. Running is my time to zone out. While I used to despise it (like, seriously hated it!!), Chris got me on a running regiment and I slowly fell in love.

A dedication to working out usually means I am looking for new ways to eat healthy, especially during the holidays. A Robeks Juice Shop recently opened in our town, and this past weekend Chris relented and took me to get an Acai Bowl.












Reviews seem to heavily favor the acai bowl as one of the world’s healthiest and best breakfasts. Acai is a tropical fruit touted for its many health benefits, and when it comes served thick and creamy like ice cream, this is the stuff of breakfast dreams! Top it off with some crunchy granola and your favorite fruit, and you’ll soon be heading to the store eager to make your own.

As it was raining, (talk about wacky weather! The day before we had 6 inches of snow!) I slipped into some tried and true favorites. Calvin Klein boot cut jeans, (old, similar here)paired with a New York Company cashmere sweater, (old, similar here, here, and I simply adore this one with the tie-back!) Minnetonka Alpine Moccasins, Kenneth Cole Leather Jacket, (old, but Macys has a similar bomber style one) and Ralph Lauren bag (also old, but a few similar styles herehere and here). When the weather is miserable I just want to be warm and cozy; not think about what i’m wearing. My Kenneth Cole jacket is the perfect combination between comfort and style. The leather makes it dressy, while the trench style allows an easy transition from day to night.

Any one of these pieces would make the perfect holiday gift, and are currently discounted for the season! What are some of your favorite holiday looks you can’t wait to wear this week?

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